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Parents Embracing Adolescence - 4 session small group workshop

Working with adolescents every day as a high school social worker and in my clinical practice, I feel their yearning to have their emotions met with attunement and presence. Working with their parents, I feel their frustration and desperation to do just this. Most of the parenting programs offered focus on changing children’s behaviors. Lasting relationship changes begin with awareness about our own attachment patterns. The workshop I am offering is meant to be a springboard into self-awareness for parents from a foundation of neuroscience and contemplative psychotherapy.

The goals of this group include:

  • Reduce reactivity and increase mindful responding
  • Learn how attachment styles impact relationships
  • Learn active listening techniques
  • Learn how to join with your adolescent to help them face challenges
  • Increase your confidence as a parent

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An six week psycho-educational support group for girls entering 9th through 12th grade. The purpose of this group is to provide adolescent girls with tools to aid in emotional self-regulation, decrease anxiety and foster positive self-regard.

The goals of the group include:

  • Learn healthy strategies to manage life's ups and downs
  • Develop your own daily mindfulness practice
  • Identify and foster healthy relationships
  • Identify and abandon unhealthy relationships
  • Find your own voice and trust your internal guidance system
  • Learn techniques to reduce anxiety
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